Skill Discovery

MMLF skill discovery interface

This module defines the interface for skill discovery methods

The following methods must be implemented by each skill discovery method:
  • tellStateTransition(self, state, action, reward, succState):

    Inform skill discovery of a new transition and search for new skills.

  • episodeFinished():

    Inform skill discovery that an episode has terminated.

class resources.skill_discovery.skill_discovery.SkillDiscovery(optionCreationFct, stateSpace, *args, **kwargs)

The skill discovery interface.

New in version 0.9.9.

static create(skillDiscoverySpec, optionCreationFct, stateSpace)

Factory method that creates skill discovery based on spec-dictionary.


Inform skill discovery method that the current episode terminated.

static getSkillDiscoveryDict()

Returns dict that contains a mapping from skill discovery name to class.

tellStateTransition(state, action, reward, succState)

Inform skill discovery method about a new state transition.

The agent has transitioned from state to succState after executing action and obtaining the reward reward.

Returns a pair consisting of the list of discovered options and whether a new option was discovered based on this state transition.

Predefined Skills

Local Graph Partitioning